Safety Mats

Playground Outdoor designed with safety mats

A large percentage of accidents occur when children fall from playground equipment. Other injuries occur when children sliding on wet surfaces or trip on uneven surfaces. Safety mats outdoors can reduce injuries.

These safety mats are made ​​of compressed recycled tire rubber. Usually they are about two inches thick, and the material is more durable than mulch. Some manufacturers produce playground safety mats adapted to local climatic conditions such as cold and hot temperatures. In areas with high rainfall, they have drainage holes to take the water away.

The ground around swings, seesaws, slides and has holes in the ground where the feet of the affected children. These areas accumulate water and require constant maintenance. Rubber mats with holes develop security without requiring fewer repairs. Kids love climbing on things. Many playgrounds have gyms and climbing walls.

Unfortunately, climbers have a downward trend, the wrists cracking and breaking his collarbone. A carpet of games provides cushioning rubber to ease his fall, and decrease the number of injuries. All those feet playing cause ruts and roads in high traffic areas. Tiny tykes travel over bumps. Sand and gravel mulch can be used to fill the grooves. However, the grooves require constant recharging because they play feet disperse the material.

A rubber safety mat to prevent rutting and reduce maintenance costs. Playground safety mats help prevent injuries and reduce maintenance costs. They provide shock absorption and cushioning for children to fall, run and romp. Support the foot injury to play better than bare soil, mulch, sand or gravel children.

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